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Generating reports through marking examination papers is what we do best.

Intelligence Systems Sdn Bhd is a pioneer status company in Malaysia offering services on Systems Design & Development, Smart Education Solutions and R&D in Emerging Teaching and Learning Technologies. Our core competencies are: Fuzzy Systems, Machine Learning, Image Processing, Classification, Neuro & Expert Solutions.

With wide spectrum of knowledge and experience accumulated throughout the years, we have put together a suite of smart tools, of which SmartScan Assessment System is one of our flagship products. SmartScan system scans images from hardcopies, use Artificial Intelligence(AI) techniques to recognize and convert them into objects (optical marks, ticks, texts, lines, shapes, etc), which are then compiled, analysed to produce comprehensive assessment reports.

In Year 2003, SmartScan won the Gold Prize in the local MSC Apicta award for the innovative use of technology in improving Education. Later in the same year, SmartScan won the Gold Prize for Malaysia, in the International Apicta Award 2003 held at Bangkok, competing among the other fourteen Asia Pacific Countries.

SmartScan Assessment System is presently used by most of the tertiary public and private education establishments, Colleges, Examination Syndicates and hundreds of Public and Private Schools. With the feedback of valuable know-how and experience from SmartScan users, we are spinning off a project called TopGuru, as our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative for advancement and betterment of education system in Malaysia, and later for the world.

We Offer Accurate and Swift Marking Solutions for Examinations.

Company Mission

We aim to provide a seamless experience for our users and accurate reports for the best experience.

Why Choose Us

We provide fast and accurate Marking to ease our Clients burden. Generating reports to help identify what is important for both the Educators and the Students.