TopGuru is a platform maintaining a unified eco-system in the education landscape, where students, teachers, parents, educators, counselors, psychologists, researchers, administrators, and government can collaborate, share, innovate, contribute, learn together and excel in their respective roles.

Learning has taken place only when knowledge has been transferred to the learners. More often than not, just to learn a simple idea, students are often taught in an unnecessarily complicated manner. Further, without knowing the students’ prior knowledge, the contents delivered may not match their levels and thus the students fail to learn. This mismatch has resulted in gross inefficiency in the teaching/learning process, resulted in unnecessary wastage of time, money and resources. Last but not least, age, personalities, ethnic, culture, language mastery along with many other factors further complicating the situation.

To overcome these problems, we need individualized education with mass customization. These laborious and procedurally impossible tasks are now possible with technologies, in particular, the advanced Artificial Intelligence technology. With assessment records of a student, TopGuru can determine the level of progress and improvement in his learning cycle. With the acquired information while processing the data of the student and the aggregated big data of other cases, TopGuru can learn and use the pattern in the information to decide and guide all students in their learning process in the most efficient and best possible way.

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