EdDiagnostics is an AI powered assessment tool to intelligently determine the students’ strengths, weaknesses, understanding and misconceptions on subject matters and concepts they have studied. They will then be prescribed an adaptive remedial plan: Including individualised lesson plans, differentiated teaching strategies, appropriate level of intervention and depth of assistance, and other classroom strategies to help them to realise their fullest academic potential. In the diagnostic tests, the following are considered:

    • What skill sets are to be assessed,
    • Whether students have mastered those skills,
    • Is every component of the skills accounted for in the assessment,
    • Can students respond in a different way and still show mastery of the concepts,
    • Is the assessment is a test of the process or the content (Wormeli, 2006).

The achievement of the objectives can be monitored and tracked by closely fitted post-instruction summative assessments, and the part(s) of learning process repeated if necessary. The additional benefits of the EdDiagnostics procedures is its ability to profile the students’ interest and the discovery of students’ preferred learning styles. All these can then be used to further implement best practice strategies into their learning activities, curriculum adaptation and assessments.


There are multiple ways to determine the academic standing of any child and TopGuru uses a combination of them. Firstly, TopGuru teachers administer achievement and placement tests, followed by reviewing of the student’s work portfolio. They then observe and interact with the students to further gauge their capabilities. The TopGuru AI diagnostic engine then uses markers that are research-based to generate report specific to the student. The report will indicate student’s abilities and inadequacies, and learning will then be tailored according to their needs. This will expedite the learning process thus saving time – this is EdExpress!

JIT Learn

JIT Learn (Just-in-time learning) is a program to assist students who are behind time in their studies comparing to their peers. Nowadays, there are many such students; to assist them, we must first determine their performance gaps — discrepancy between the students’ actual and expected performance — and TopGuru will be used to close up or eliminate the gap. Using EdDiagnostic procedures, the gaps can be determined and the TopGuru teachers will then use the information to facilitate the remedial work. Time is an essence in this situation. Therefore the teachers will shortlist and cover the topics sufficiently deep enough, but no lesser, for the students to instill enough confidence to cope with the examination.

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